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#miwlockdowntrail 2020

As we shall not be opening our actual front doors this year, we shall instead be using social media to invite guests to come through the keyhole and visit our studios on Instagram and Facebook.

To join us for the #miwlockdowntrail you’ll need an instagram account.

Follow #miwlockdowntrail and enjoy an Open House from your own sofa. Or garden. Or possibly even someone else’s garden by then… but let us not get ahead of ourselves.
The Made in Whitstable: Arts Craft & Vintage Trail 2020 shall be going online, and will take place from Monday 20th July, with daily Instagram posts from all contributors.  Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July we are asking for short videos of the workspace and work in progress, and secret details the Open House visitor would usually miss.
Follow the hashtag #miwlockdowntrail to ‘visit’ the Whitstable artists, crafters and lovers of vintage who are taking part, or use the links from this website.

Here are the post prompts for the week for those taking part:

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Join us for #miwlockdowntrail

Imagine what you might show to visitors if your house was open – a corner of inspirational treasures, a favourite photograph, a rescued broken fragment, a cluttered drawer of ‘stuff’ – all things which lead into your work. How would you feel about sharing these on your Instagram account for a sort of virtual MIWTrail?

One thing we hear time and again from Trail visitors is how wonderful it is to see inside the life of the creative, and how their home reflects the work they produce.
Obviously the Trail cannot go ahead this July, but we wondered how many of you would like to be part of an Instagram MiW Lockdown Trail: a chance to say ‘we are still here’ and look forward to next year.
It may be that so far you’ve been too busy with working from home, making scrubs, caring for family, or just getting your head around all this, and have actually had neither time nor inclination to feel creative, and so this might act as a catalyst to get back in the studio.
To take part, you need to have an Instagram account. Starting on Monday 20th, post an image every day, and then on the weekend of 25th and 26th, post a short film in your Instagram Story both days. This could include you briefly talking to camera, if you are comfortable with that, or it could be a walk around your studio, or a focus on one particular piece of work.
Some of you might be making work that responds to the lockdown, so you could just post the progress of one piece over the week.
This is a chance to be positive and look forward, to say Whitstable artists and makers are still here. It could be an opportunity to sell – but you would need to figure our how you would manage that yourself, either by having an online shop, for example, or thinking about how you would ship items that you have promoted.
We will update the wordpress website, so anyone taking part in the #miwlockdowntrail would have an image and their contact details, with a link to their own website/social media feed, which will stay on the site until next year.

How To Take Part: 

You need to live in Whitstable, and have an instagram account, and post every day from Monday 20th July to Sunday 26th July. Have a peek at #housetourincloseups for some examples of what you could post apart from your actual work.
What we need from you: please email to
Your name
Your instagram account
Square image for the website
Description: ie, painting, contemporary textiles, fused glass, ceramics – nothing too long winded and arty please
And link to your website if you have one

There will be no charge for joining in – we just ask that you do all you can to make this lockdown trail a success.

Memories of previous Trails:



And with the lighting of the Grotters, the Trail comes to a close for another year.

We’d like to say a great big thank you to all the artists, crafters and vintage lovers that took part in the Trail, and to all those who visited our Fifth Made in Whitstable: Arts, Craft & Vintage Trail on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2019

thank you

We all had a wonderful time – and hope you did too.  Do follow this blog for first news of next year’s Trail and how to take part.

Some of Whitstable’s finest artists, crafters and vintage lovers will be opening their houses, studios and galleries and welcoming in visitors.  This is not just a fabulous opportunity to go behind usually closed doors and talk to the makers and collectors about the work they love, their inspirations and ideas, but also a chance to buy direct from the artists.

This year we shall have 20 houses/studios and galleries opening their doors to visitors on the weekend of the Whitstable Oyster Festival. Some of these houses are Trail regulars, and some are showing with us for the first time. You’ll be sure of an equally warm welcome from all.

We’ve been busy working on the free flyers/maps, which are almost ready to send off to the printers.  We’ll let you know when they are being distributed around town.

2019 artists:

2019 MIW Oyster Trail flyer artists copy

2019 map:

2019 A4 oyster flyer front copy

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2018 artists:

MIW Oyster Trail 2018 artists version 2
MIW Oyster Trail map version 2

Last year: 17 Houses for ’17

Thanks to all who visited

 And so our houses return to their usual chaotic or ordered states, artworks relax and the Hoover takes a break.

The Made in Whitstable: Arts, Craft & Vintage Trail’s 17 Houses for ’17 was a well attended affair, blessed by weather that was neither too good, nor too bad – just right for walking around visiting artists’s galleries and studios, crafters workshops and the houses of those with some serious vintage habits!

And don’t forget: if you are still thinking about that painting, or set of tea cups, or photograph that you saw, and you just can’t get it out of your head – you can go to the artists’ links from this site.

See you all next year!

17 Houses for 2017

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd July      10.30am –  4pm

For this year’s Oyster Festival,  Made in Whitstable Arts, Craft and Vintage Trail shows the work of over 50 artists, crafters and vintage lovers spread across 17 Houses, Studios and Galleries.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet some of Whitstable’s artistic community in their natural habitat – and buy unique and hand made work direct from the maker.

The houses are open only for this Whitstable Oyster Festival weekend of Saturday 22nd July and Sunday 23rd July 2017,  between 10.30am and 4pm, but the galleries will be open all week.

You can also keep up to date with Trail information on our facebook page and twitter

You can collect your free maps from Keam’s Yard, The Horsebridge, the WIT in Harbour Street, the Museum, Light & Imagination, Betty Loves Bryan in the High Street, and the MiW Gallery and Hut No.13 in the Harbour Village.

trail WEB map 17

Here’s the flyer and map in full for you here too:

2017 artists
2017 oyster flyer front